PR & Editorial

We specialise in the targeted distribution of press releases and the maintaining of journalistic connections. Our ability to work with top journalists, editors and other influential media figures is at the core of what we do.

We carefully craft and orchestrate PR strategies with an unwavering attention to detail. In the early stages of our collaboration, we'll define your goals to determine where we focus most of our time and energy, but our priority will continue to be the maximisation of exposure, and generating positive, high-quality media coverage.

Our large and carefully-selected client-specific media distribution lists ensure all bases are covered and key influencers are kept informed.

However, there is also a constant push to place exclusive features, interviews and news stories with mainstream and more unconventional print, online and broadcast outlets.

A full-time Press Office service is effective for boosting media relations and adding gloss to your image, but excitement and enthusiasm can be amplified further by organising original and inspiring PR events. We also work on your online presence to increase public interaction online, using engaging social media campaigns.

Web & Social Media

Leveridge Promotions ensures your online presence is both functional and consistent by overseeing the design and production of websites and keeping them populated with fresh and engaging content. We also use social media to maximise your presence and ensure your brand is seen by more people.

We recognise the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and interactivity, and so we use Google Analytics and link trackers to drive and record traffic. We consistently monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns and ensure content and design is optimised to suit the nature of your business and increase reach.

Social Media

A strong social media presence is essential for optimising media relations and public engagement.

Leveridge Promotions synchronises its print, digital and social campaigns to ensure brand image consistency. Our team will make use of social media management dashboards to publish pre-planned posts across multiple channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We start by overhauling your social media presence to ensure it's supporting your business and your specific goals. Then, we maintain a constant flow of fresh and engaging content that promotes interaction with typical and atypical audiences, in a never-ending bid to grow your public following.

Social channels are effective for building anticipation ahead of significant announcements and events when posts are at their most frequent, and tools like Google Analytics are used to identify influencers, strategise and monitor reach and impact.

Branding & Graphic Design

At Leveridge Promotions, we understand that first impressions count. Branding and graphic design is crucial in developing the story of your business and portraying yourself to consumers. From logos and flyers to posters, brochures and prospectuses, we work with skilled and experienced designers to produce high-quality print and digital marketing materials.

Utilising the talents of our experienced designers, Leveridge Promotions has the capacity to produce high-quality and refined print and digital materials based on your own ideas, requirements, and business goals.

Bespoke designs, professional photography and the finest print materials and techniques add professionalism to any presentation, but first-class storytelling means the script will have just as much substance, delivering a client’s message with clarity and continuity in mind.