STATEMENT: Pioneer79 Swimming Club COVID-19 update 100620

10 June 2020 | adminleveridge

In keeping with our culture health-check, we are trying to improve our communication, and I hope these regular updates are going some way to keeping our members better informed.

Last week was National Volunteer’s Week, so a belated thank you to our members, club officials, Learn to Swim helpers and all other individuals who kindly give their time to Pioneer 79 Swimming Club. Without your support we would not be the club we are. 

Our most recent Strava star is Amelia Moss – well done and keep active – but this week marked the launch of our new weekly mobility and stability training course, which will consist of four sessions with professional Personal Trainer Mike Robinson every Tuesday at 17:00. This is open to all members!

There is still no formal date for the resumption of swimming, although some of you may have seen unconfirmed reports both in the press and on social media. Once we receive formal guidance from Swim England (15 June) we will communicate further with our members.

I also want to reiterate that Pioneer79 will not profit from the Coronavirus crisis and any additional monies after core staff have been paid will be returned to the membership in the form of further fee reductions or a hardship fund.

Finally, a reminder that the voluntary fee reduction (50 per cent of the normal monthly fee) is still open to all, but thank you to those who are able to continue paying their normal rates.

As ever, please keep safe, keep active and keep winning.